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Domestic Violence Programs

Affordable & Flexible

As of January 2005, anyone providing domestic abuse counseling must be approved by the SC Department of Social Services. Alternatives is one of the few approved programs available to provide such services. Staff credentials include being certified as a Domestic Violence Counselor by the National Association of Forensic Counselors. Our administrative office is diligent in notifying the courts of participants’ admission and discharge, although an individual does not need to be referred by the court to enroll. Classes are held in the evenings as well as on the weekends.

No community is immune to domestic violence. Laws alone will not stop domestic abuse. Alternatives can help. If you are the abuser or the victim of abuse, you may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed talking about such personal issues in group. We urge you to take the risk. You will find the other group members will have similar experiences and you will feel less alone. Through group discussion, materials presented in class, participants can learn how to develop relationships based on equality, mutual understanding and nonviolence. Marriage counseling is also offered at a reduce fee once program requirements have been met.

A Victims Group is made available at no charge when the batterer is enrolled and attending.

Anger Management Programs

Alternatives offers an 8 week anger management program. Referrals are accepted voluntarily as well as through the court system. Payment plans are made available. As with our other programs, Anger Management is approved by the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court Solicitor’s office for PTI.

To Enroll…Call the Alternatives office to schedule an intake appointment. .


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